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Camp Makes an Impact in Congregations

Research has shown that youth that participate in a camp experience are nearly 70% more likely to say that being a part of a faith community like a church congregation is important to them throughout their life. Many pastors, youth directors, and other ministry professionals cite an experience at camp as critical to their call to full-time ministry.

With this massive impact on our communities, we are grateful for the partnership with our churches as primary front-line supporters in engaging with youth and families to encourage camp participation.

Summer Camp Shareables

Congregations in the Northeastern and Southeastern Synods will receive mailed copies of Summer Camp promotional materials around the start of the year. Additional physical copies of materials can be requested by emailing [email protected].

Materials below can be downloaded and distributed either digitally or by printing and sharing.


Bear Creek Camp is committed to providing a camp experience to everyone regardless of financial situation. Churches serve as partners in this commitment by off-setting the cost of camp to campers.

Church camperships/Sponsorships

Many churches offer to pay for a portion of each camper’s camp fees directly to camp to offset the cost to the family. This can most easily be done in the form of a unique sponsorship code.

We create a custom code specific to your congregation for a set dollar amount or percentage of the cost of register for camp. Congregations distribute this code to those in their community who will enter it during registration like a typical coupon code on any retail website. Following the completion of summer camp, we reach out to congregations with an invoice for the amount of campership that was used and a list of camper families.

To set up a summer sponsorship code, contact the office 570.472.3741 or email [email protected]

Congregations can also send funds to camp on a per-family basis in any amount.

bear creek camperships

Camper families may choose to complete a campership form to receive funding directly from Bear Creek Camp. In addition to funding from the family and camp, we suggest each campership applicant also speaks with their local church. 

Bear Creek Ambassadors

Many churches have an individual or family that serves as their “Bear Creek Ambassador.” BCA’s are dedicated to the life of their church community and understand the impact of the Bear Creek Camp experience on their congregation. We help provide BCAs with specific resources to empower them to be the on-the-ground representative in your congregation. If you are interested in serving in this role for your community, please contact us, and we will get you on board.

Off-Line Registration

We encourage on-line registration as it is the best and easiest way to ensure security of payment and personal information. However, some families may be best served by completing a paper registration. These forms can be downloaded at the links below and submitted via mail to camp.

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