Welcome to Bear Creek Camp

Summer Camps

Step into a community committed to spiritual growth, outdoor living, and small group development for those who have completed grades 1-12.

Retreats & Rentals

Gather your family,  friends, or  congregation for time apart at Bear Creek Camp to explore, relax, grow, and learn through an intentional retreat as you celebrate and fellowship together.

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Why Bear Creek Camp?

Lifelong friendships, learned skills, opportunity for respite and retreat, and acceptance into a community that is welcoming and open to all. The discovery that happens at the end of the red dirt road can only be described as “life-changing” and has continued for generations thanks to the support and generosity of so many. Together we are Bear Creek Camp and together we are making a positive impact on the world.

Bear Creek Camp's Mission

Inviting all people to explore, celebrate, and grow in relationship with God, nature, and community.

We value building inclusive community, caring for creation, promoting adventure and fun, sharing grace-filled faith, cultivating empathy, and developing leaders.

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