There is always something we can use some volunteer help with. It all begins with a desire to serve. There are many ways to help Bear Creek Camp, with projects for all skill levels. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Cleaning and Maintaining Trails
  • Raking Leaves and Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Deep Cleaning of Facilities
  • Basic Construction

SPRING 2022 FAMILY WORK DAY! – May 21st, 2022

Join us at Bear Creek Camp for a day of getting camp ready for the upcoming summer camp season! Projects will be available for all ages and any skill set. Lunch will be served!

Families and groups of all sizes are encouraged to attend. We will kick off the day in the morning at 9:00am and look to continue into the mid-afternoon.

To help us best plan the day and ensure we have enough projects and food to go around, please RSVP before May 14th, 2022 by calling the office 570-472-3741 or email bccamp@bearcreekcamp.org


If you or one of your friends is a Thrivent member, Thrivent helps get your idea rolling. It’s easy! It’s called a Thrivent Action Team, a benefit of Thrivent membership.

When you apply to lead a team, Thrivent sends you $250 in seed money for project expenses as well as other resources to put your team together and turn your idea into reality. All it takes is for you to bring a team or two or more together and take action!

Your $250 can pay for project expenses, buy building materials, pay for food for your team, launch a fundraiser, or help buy the tools you’ll need to make your project happen!

This sounds awesome, but what are the guidelines?

Thrivent Action Teams are all about activating Thrivent members to live out Thrivent’s mission on the ground … in their own way, around the needs in their local communities. Here are some guidelines to consider when planning your projects:

  • Involve others. It’s about your friends, family and community coming together to serve to have a greater impact.
  • Seed money. Use your $250 to purchase project supplies and materials to make it a success!
  • One Action Team, one project. Multiple Thrivent Action Teams cannot be used for the same project – you can support the same cause, but use your creativity to generate new project ideas to attract more volunteers and have an even greater impact!
  • Report. Share your stories, photos and participant info with Lutherhaven and with Thrivent after your event – this must be completed before applying to lead your next Thrivent Action Team!

How often am I eligible?

Each Thrivent member 16 years old and older is eligible to lead two Thrivent Action Teams per calendar year!

Act Now!

For more information or how to get your group started, head on over to the Thrivent Action Teams Site.


Contact bccamp@bearcreekcamp.org for more information or give us a call at 570-472-3741.