Thrivent Action Teams

You can start a Thrivent Action Team and make a difference at Bear Creek Camp!
But what is a Thrivent Action Team?
If you are a Thrivent member you can form an Action Team and help Bear Creek Camp out with various projects around camp (plus you get a free shirt!).When you apply to lead a team, Thrivent sends you $250 in seed money for project expenses as well as other resources to put your team together and turn your idea into reality.Your $250 can pay for project expenses, buy building materials, pay for food for your team, launch a fundraiser, or help buy the tools you’ll need to make your project happen!
This sounds great, how do I start one to benefit Bear Creek Camp?
  • Contact Bear Creek Camp to help choose a project that needs to be done.
  • Apply online to Thrivent to get your Action Team funded (
  • Get a team together and come on up to BCC to complete the project!