Parent FAQ’s

Q: Why should my child attend Bear Creek Camp?

A: Simply put, to explore, celebrate and grow in God’s creation. Everything we do here involves one of those actions. Nothing flashy or high-tech – just Camp. At camp your child will be:

  • Having fun
  • Sharing faith
  • Building character
  • Promoting adventure
  • Embracing the inclusion of all
  • Cultivating community

Q: What if we can’t afford it?

A: We work to see that every child who is interested in camp will have a way to get here. Many financial assistance options are available here.

Q: What if we’re not Lutheran?

A: All are welcome here. We are a ministry of the Southeastern and Northeastern PA synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and our programming reflects the messaging of the ELCA.

Q: What will my child do all day?

A: Here’s a sample schedule of a typical day at summer camp – it will vary by age and daily circumstances:

  • 8:00- Breakfast
  • 8:50- Morning Mindfulness
  • 9:15- Chapel
  • 9:45- Quest Group Time
  • 12:00- Lunch
  • 1:00- Quest Group Time
  • 5:30- Dinner
  • 6:30- Village Games/Overnight/Camp Dance/All Camp Game
  • 8:00- Village Bonfire/Evening Activity
  • 9:30- Devotions
  • 10:00- Lights out

Q: What should we pack?

A: Here’s our handy packing list.

Q: What if my child takes regular medication?

A: Camp always has a nurse or other certified medical professional on site to administer and store medications. Please note this on your camper’s health history form and camper information form.

Q: What if my child has special health needs?

A: It is important that camp’s activities and environment are suitable for the development and skill ability of your camper. If your camper has special health needs, we recommend communicating with the camp office prior to registration to discuss the potential for necessary accommodations. Through this process of communication we may together determine that the Bear Creek Camp experience is not a fit for your camper and will look to help connect you with other programs that may better suit your needs. Camp always has a nurse or other certified medical professional on-site to assist with special health needs. Please note any needs on your camper’s health history form and camper information form.

Q: Who are the counselors and staff?

A: Our summer staff consists of young adults at least 18 years of age. All staff go through training which includes skills in working with youth, the program for the summer, first-aid and CPR, responding to emergencies, common issues that arise at camp, and many other areas. All of our counselors are trained to help campers grow through their camp experience and they have the support of other staff to help them if needed. Visiting pastors serve as camp chaplains and we also have a Healthcare Coordinator on-site.

Q: What does it mean to be ACA Accredited?

A: ACA (American Camp Association®) accreditation means that Bear Creek Camp has undergone review of its facilities and programs and meets standards and guidelines for these areas: site, transportation, health and wellness, operational management, human resources, and program activities. The bottom line? It’s another reason to trust Bear Creek Camp. The ACA-Accredited Camp sign has 50 years of parent trust behind it. It’s assurance that we comply with up to 300 health, safety, and program quality standards. And it’s evidence that we care and have gone to great lengths to be evaluated, and have passed the test.

Q: How can I communicate with my camper while he or she is at camp?

A: There are several options for greeting your camper during their stay: Bring your letters when you drop off your camper and place them in specially designated mail boxes (the fastest and best option), or use regular old “snail mail” (this is a slow option though, so please send letters early, maybe before camp even starts).

You can also email campers during the week. Simply:

  • Send an email to
  • Place your camper’s name and age group in the subject line
  • Emails are printed each day and distributed to campers

Q: What happens when we pick our child up at camp?

A: You’ll enjoy a special program highlighting your camper’s week. And then you’ll help them gather their things, say goodbye to friends and counselors, and head for home!

Q: My child had a wonderful camp experience. How can we help other children have the same opportunity?


  • Talk about Bear Creek Camp with friends, family and your church congregation
  • Offer to speak to Sunday School parents or do a Temple Talk (we’ll provide a script!)
  • Volunteer for spring work days
  • Reserve Bear Creek Camp facilities for your congregation’s events, such as Confirmation Retreats
  • Donate to Bear Creek Camp
  • Like us on Facebook to keep in touch and share memories.

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