Environmental Education

Bear Creek Camp offers Environmental Education Programs in schools and on our nearly 3,000-acre site of pristine land in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Whether you visit our site for a day or stay overnight, you are sure to experience adventure and discovery. A variety of experiential programs are available to children of all ages. They can be tailored to meet the different needs of schools, scouts, special needs, retreats, daycare centers, and other groups. Over 25 miles of nature trails, a picnic area with pavilion, athletic fields, and an Interactive Nature Center are used to make your educational field trip a unique experience that cannot be found in the classroom.

Programs are typically 1.5 hours and can be tailored to meet the different needs of all groups.
Contact Bear Creek Camp for pricing and availability: bcnc@bearcreekcamp.org or 570.472.3741 x4

Environmental Education Programs Available

A Sense of Discovery (Grades preK-4)
Using their five senses, students will learn about an exciting ecosystem! Hiking through the forest, students will stop along the way to explore, each time using a different one of their senses. Activities are sensory-based and allow students to discover the world around them in a new and different way.

Adaptation Exploration (Grades preK-4)
How do plants and animal survive? They Adapt! Hiking through the forest, this program will teach students the four basic needs of living things and how plants and animals adapt to survive in their own environments. This program is full of games that will teach students about these amazing adaptations.

Aquatic Ecology Study (Grades 5-8)
By participating in a hands-on study, students will learn how scientists study the physical and biological aspects of aquatic ecology. Students will take samples of water, collect and identify macroinvertebrates, measure and calculate characteristics such as Depth, PH, Temperature and Velocity.

Incredible Insects (Grades 1-4)
Learn what characteristics makes insects unique through an up-close and personal investigation as students hike through the forest. Students will discover the world of insects and how important they are to both humans and wildlife.

Rock On! (Grades 3-6)
Hands-on activities will teach students about the layers of the earth, the rock cycle and types of rock. Hiking through the forest, students will be able to see a natural sand spring up close and other rock formations. Students will also learn about jobs related to the study of rocks and minerals.

Water, Water Everywhere (Grades 1-8)
Students will learn all about the water cycle, macroinvertebrates, watersheds and so much more as they hike through the forest. They will utilize collection cups and dipping nets as they explore our lake and streams to learn who lives where and why.

Night Hike (Grades 1-8)
Students will explore the forest while participating in some fun evening activities. From night vision and nocturnal animals, and silent walks, students will have fun learning about the forest at night.

Environmental Education Programs PDF

Includes Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Environment & Ecology (Science & Technology)

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Nature Center Employment Opportunities:
Part-Time/Seasonal Naturalist

Do you have a love for the outdoors and sharing your environmental knowledge with others? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! You can download an Application Here to be a Bear Creek Camp Naturalist. The Part-Time/Seasonal Naturalist is responsible for developing, implementing and marketing environmental educational programs for children and adults. The Naturalist works in the Nature Center, on Bear Creek Camp property under a wide range of weather conditions and terrains, and in schools and other off-site indoor and outdoor locations. Schedule varies based on Bear Creek Camp needs. For any additional information, reach out to Denise Abrams.