Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars Before March 31st!

Your Thrivent Choice dollars are an opportunity for you to make a difference. Please take a moment to allocate your Thrivent Choice dollars to support the ongoing ministry here at Bear Creek Camp.

Last year through Thrivent Choice Dollars, you provided nearly $10,000 to support the mission of helping youth and families explore, celebrate and grow in God’s creation. If you have recently allocated your Thrivent Choice Dollars to BCC – Thank You!

The allocation deadline is March 31st, 2023. It only takes a few minutes to direct your personal Thrivent Choice dollars to Bear Creek Camp. To direct your dollars, please visit before the March 31st deadline. When you direct your dollars, select or search for BEAR CREEK CAMP as the qualifying organization.

Thrivent Choice Dollars and Thrivent Action Teams make a huge impact on the ministries you choose to support. We are grateful for our partnership with Thrivent through you.

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