Camper FAQ’s

Q: Who goes to camp?

A: Anyone who’s completed grade 1 through grade 12. Boys and girls sleep in separate places but groups during the day include both boys and girls.

Q: What will we do at camp?

A: Have tons of fun exploring, celebrating and growing in God’s creation! Check out our main Summer Camp page for all the details, but here are some of the most fun things to do at camp:

  • Adventure Initiatives
    These problem-solving activities are where you focus on working together as a team to work toward a common goal. Usually you do Adventure Initiatives on our athletic fields.
  • Bible Study
    Study God’s word in fun and meaningful ways. Your Quest Group will be led in a daily Bible Study designed to help teach and inspire you in your faith, with a whole lot of fun added in there too!
  • Chapel Time
    Have fun and worship God at our daily morning chapel time! We have skits, fun songs, a devotion and many other surprises in store for you every day!
  • Low Ropes
    Low Ropes are team-focused problem solving activities on our multi-element course.
  • High Ropes
    Want a challenge? Our very popular High Ropes program allows you to work together with your team and accomplish challenges 20 to 30 feet in the air! Yes, helmets, harnesses, and ropes are required for safety. Our course allows many different elements for many different tasks and always ends with a fun zip-line ride!
  • Climbing Wall
    Want to climb a flat rock face or a craggy overhang while being supported by six to eight of your fellow campers? You can, on our climbing walls. But you DO have to wear helmets, harnesses and/or ropes for safety!
  • Geocaching
    Geocaching is a ‘high tech scavenger hunt’ where you get to use GPS units to find hidden containers, called caches, which are placed around Bear Creek Camp.
  • Canoeing and or Kayaking
    You may get a chance for canoeing and/or kayaking during free time or with your counselor during activity time. You will learn basic water safety, the parts of the boat, and basic paddling techniques (Yippee!).
  • Swimming
    Where do you swim? In the lake, of course! It has one shallow area (at or below five feet) and one deeper area suitable for diving. If you’re a Junior and or Try Camper, you have to stay in the shallow section. And, be prepared – you will take a swim test to see how well you can swim at the beginning of your camp week.
  • Hiking
    With 25 miles of trails around our property, you gotta hike! You may even cross streams or creeks.
  • Organized Field Games
    Organized Field games give a chance to come together for some fun. Recent favorites at camp are the Gaga Pits!
  • Night Hike
    See the darker side of the forest on a night hike. From night vision and nocturnal animals to silent walks and candy tricks, you will have fun learning about the forest at night. And WHAT? No flashlights?
  • Overnight
    Grab your stuff. Hike. Cook over campfire. Learn how to set up a tent. And WHERE do you go to the bathroom? You’ll find out on your overnight! (Sorry, Try Campers. Only Juniors and older go on the overnight.)

Q: Where do I sleep?

A: If you’re in Try Camp or Juniors, you sleep in cabins with bunk beds and bathroom facilities inside. If you’re a Middler, Junior High or Senior camper, you’ll sleep in our new cabins which have a program building nearby that has your bathroom facilities. EXCEPT when you’re on your overnight trip – then, you’ll sleep outside in your sleeping bag!

Q: Will I talk to my family while I’m at camp?

A: No, but they are welcome to send you mail and messages each day.

Q: What is the food like?

A: The food is great – you get to go through a cafeteria line and choose which foods you want for each meal. And you will be so hungry from all of your activities, you’ll eat a lot!

Q: Where do we go swimming?

A: In the lake – there’s a lifeguard on duty at all swimming times.

Q: Who will be my counselor?

A: Your counselor will be someone who cares a lot about kids. Check out our summer counselors here!

Q: Are there bears at Bear Creek Camp?

A: Black bears do live in the Pocono Mountain region, but they are not seen very often at Bear Creek Camp. Your counselor will tell you what you need to do to be safe.

Q: What if I am not Lutheran?

A: No problem! Everyone is welcome at Bear Creek Camp. Part of each day includes Bible discussion, but if you don’t have a Bible, no worries – we’ll share ours with you!

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